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Jazz sur Lie - Le Pallet 22-23-24 août 2003 - 19h : Apéro concert au cabaret plein air

This four-bit byte created in 2000 on the initiative of Philippe Dardelle, pays a vibrating homage to the singer Billie Holiday. The major voice of the charismatic Agathe Sahraoui tinted of blues and gospel, vehicle an incredible energy which speaks directly with our émotions... Some compositions in French borrowed from the trio Piano-Bass-Drums (J.S Simonoviez Trio) will also integrate with a repertory in turn funny, clearly, tended, dark or light...

Philippe Dardelle : Double bass
Peter Gritz : Drums
Agathe Sahraoui : Song
Jean Sébastien Simonoviez : Piano


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Diffusion Monday 29 September - 23h00

Marian Petrescu Trio
Concert (1990, 32 mn) recorded at the time of the 30e International Festival of Jazz at Antibes-Juan les Pins
realisation: Jean-Christophe Averty. Coproduction Antenne 2 and Canal +.

Marian Petrescu (piano), Riccardo del Fra (bass) and Peter Gritz (drums) interpret Bags Groove, Stella by starlette, Yesterdays, Caravan and Green Dolphin Street.


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Z o o m

FRANCIS LOCKWOOD Trio   Saturday July 18, 1998

Francis Lockwood piano
Gilles Naturel double bass
Peter Gritz drums

    Type-setter in the vein of Bill Evans, Thélonius Monk and Keith Jarret, Francis Lockwood was the partner privileged of Michel Jonasz, Christian Escoudé, Tony Williams, and of course of his brother Didier violonist with whom he gaves more than 350 concerts in the whole world.
    Perfect balance between vitality and emotion, ardour and refinement, his play energetic is an art proportioned all in nuances. Jazz Hot classified Francis Lockwood among the 5 larger European pianists.
    In 1997, his CD "Jimi's Colors" paid homage to Jimi Hendrix, a new occasion for him to reconcile the musical kinds. The trio revisits the broad topics of the guitarist of Seattle, like "Gipsy eyes", but also " Sunshine of your love " from Eric Clapton, covering a different glance a universe and a time of which it is familiar. A great success unanimously greeted by the critic and the public.
    Francis Lockwood was accompanied by Gilles Naturel, partner during 10 years of the saxophonist Barney Wilen, and Peter Gritz, elected musician of the year by Radio France (1989) and guide since larger instrumentalists of the jazz.


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            TUESDAY MARCH 13, 1984 12h30
(Kristen NOGUES, Jean-François JENNY-CLARKE, Peter GRITZ)

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Kristen NOGUES

In 1983, she presents a creation in Rennes, on the topic of a poetic continuation of Per Jakez Hélias: Three Nights. She plays in company of Peter Gritz, Césarius Alvim, Denis Barbier and the Orchestra of the City.
The same year, to the festival Jazz E Breizh (direction Henri Texier and Mélaine Favennec), she invites the double bass player Jean-François Jenny-Clark.

In 1984, she occurs in trio with Peter Gritz and JF Jenny-Clark, with the festival of jazz of Grenoble like in Germany and Austria.
The following year, she joined, in company of her trio, the duet Jacques Pellen and Bruno Névez. A series of tours will proceed between 1985 and 1987, in Europe and in certain countries ex-Soviet. The quintet thus formed will present the compositions of Kristen.


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Jazz sous les pommiers - Coutances - Manche


Noël AKCHOTE guitar
Peter GRITZ drums
Ingrid JENSEN trumpet
Hélène LABARRIERE double bass


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